Wireshark Packet Capture Analysis


This purpose of this document is to examine the results of several Wireshark captures. Areas to be explored are the exploit type, impact of the exploit, vulnerability type, and any other relevant information. In order for network administrators, penetration testers, or any other type of security experts to combat cyber crimes, it’s critical that they know how to use the same tools that the criminals do. Wireshark is instrumental in helping security professionals dissect intersected communications to formulate new security policies and put new safeguards in place. This experiment will be conducted on a 2009 Mac Pro running OS X Yosemite 10.10.4. Kali Linux will be used to exploit Metasploitable 2 both of which are running inside of Parallels 10 virtual machines.

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Cybersecurity “Exploitation” using Kali Linux


The purpose of this document is to perform a penetration test using two different methodologies to exploit and gain unauthorized access to vulnerable computer systems using a set of penetration testing tools including, Nexpose, Kali Linux, and Metasploitable. These tools are designed to demonstrate common vulnerabilities and subsequently exploit them, which allows security administrators to formulate a plan in regards to remediation and prevention of an actual attack. The purpose of penetration testing is to attempt to access resources without knowing usernames, passwords, and/or any other means of authorized security authentication procedures that may exist for a particular organization or individual. An important thing to consider is the only thing differentiating a penetration tester (White Hat Hacker) from an attacker (Black Hat Hacker) is permission from the attacked to allow it to happen.

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