The Spine of “Dog Day Afternoon – 1975”

dog day1

The inciting incident: Sonny and Sal pull out their guns and hold up a bank with only $1,100.

PLOT POINT 1: “Attica”, “Attica”, Sonny yells to the crowds winning over their sympathy. The hostages also see the human side of Sonny and Sal and also begin to start sympathizing with their situation and botched attempt of a routine robbery. Every time Sonny emerges from the bank, he is cheered by the sympathizing crowds. Continue reading

The Spine of “Donnie Brasco – 1997”


Genre: Crime Drama

I think it’s hard to spine this film because it doesn’t follow the typical structure. Since it’s based on actual events, I believe Paul Attanasio chose to stay as true to the original book as written by Joseph Pistone and Richard Woodley.

The hero’s journey?

Joespeh Pistone was a man who was determined to bring down a crime lord. He was so determined, he struggled with keeping his life together while saving the life of another. Donnie had engaged in small crimes in the beginning to win over the trust of the mob. Continue reading