Defense-In-Depth (Case Study)



Our current effort at implementing defense in depth needs to be overhauled and one of the areas of major concern is a mobile device. We recently paid out a total of $60 million in settlements as a result of stolen sensitive private information from our customer data centers located in two of our major markets, Mexico and the Philippines.

As a result of the negative press, our customer satisfaction has dropped to an all time low of 20%. According to our estimates, we can easily achieve a 90% reduction in incidences by initiating a small number of low cost countermeasures. Continue reading

“Cybersecurity” Secured Network Proposal by, Miguel Bigueur



            Computer networks are more advanced today than ever. More and more users are demanding greater access to these systems and as a result administrators are tasked with the dilemma of securing these highly complex networks. Many systems at one time had the luxury of relying on basic firewall implementations, which consisted of IP filtering and port blocking. In todays society this is no longer an option. As today’s computer network systems advance, so do the intruder’s methods who wish to wreak havoc upon them. One such advancement in network security is the implementation of an IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection System/Intrusion Prevention system). An IDS/IPS is a great addition to any unified threat management system, which can help thwart off an attacker’s advance or slow them down long enough to initiate alternative security measures. This paper will also explore the costs savings of outsourcing computing resources in conjunction with the security benefits and/or security vulnerabilities associated with doing so. Continue reading