Wireless Forensics



New directions in research have led to fundamental design changes in Wi-Fi technologies, networks, and services. These innovative advances have led to a prolific growth in wireless network computer crimes. As a result, forensic investigators are faced with future challenges associated with consumer’s hunger for high energy consumption, in addition to, issues regarding limited spectrum bandwidth. Continue reading

Wi-Fi Analysis



Wireless Network WiFi

I will examine Wi-Fi networks and explore the reasoning behind why certain features and options are used or not and how they affect the operation as well as the security of the network. The 802.11 suites of protocols define standards that are drafted and managed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Although most people believe that Wi-Fi and 802.11 are synonymous with each other, the fact is that Wi-Fi is actually a subset of the 802.11 protocols, which is managed by the Wi-Fi Alliance, who were formed in 1999 by several visionary companies. This paper will examine the 802.11n and 802.11ac protocols in particular.

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