Did Digital Cinema Kill Film?


Directors like George Lucas would argue that digital is the way to go, albeit, his creativity is limited in regards to his movie genre of choice, Science Fiction. On the other hand his fellow Film school buddy, Steven Spielberg, would argue the point that film is the way to go. I believe that both of them truly believe in their choice of capture and are unwavering in their decisions to deviate from that. Film will be around for a while longer and it’s not totally dead by any means at this time. I love film and what it has contributed to the cinema for the last 100 years. Silent films all the way up through film noir and the French New Wave can never be duplicated. It’s the look that I admire so much! It’s kind of like an old wine, as film ages, it shows through the film as the look of an old painting. This is what makes it more valuable to us. It’s the age! The older it is, the more unique it becomes. Film is nostalgic indeed! But, I think that all had its time in place. In 60 years from now, I don’t think anyone would want to watch “Baraka” if it had the same aged look as “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.” Continue reading

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and his Somnambulist Cesare



“The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and his Somnambulist Cesare” Since this movie is a silent film, I found that I had to rely mostly on the facial expressions and the set design to help me through the story. Because of the absence of dialog, the soundtrack also helped deliver the expression that the film was trying convey. Continue reading