Unconventional Waves “The French New Wave”


A major driving component of the French New Wave was the independence from major studios from lacking budgets. This opened the doors to freedom of creativity for the filmmakers. Due to this lack of budget, innovations abound with the materials that were available to these filmmakers.

These innovations changed the way films were made and brought forth the new movement. From the handheld cameras, that were virtually unnoticed by the actors, to the live sounds that had no post productions additions, they created a sort of liberated style of filmmaking. It was so fresh and new and so very creatively done, that it had become widely accepted all over the world. An exaggerated example of the use of the camera can be seen in the movie “Cloverfield” and many other contemporary films. The advantage of this free form allows the filmmaker’s creativity to flourish, particularly with a minimal budget. One disadvantage of this free form style is that it requires a great deal of creativity and vision, which few can actually pull off a successful and widely accepted film.

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