Level 42, “The Jazz/Funk Fusion Era”


Art can be expressed in many different forms. It can be something as dramatic as a seventeenth century painting or something as simple as humming along to a favorite tune. In everyday life people need a way to either express themselves or to unwind and relax at the end of the day. Music provides many people a way to unwind and often place them in a good mood. There are many instances that come to mind when I was feeling sad or bored, and I would throw in a Level42 CD, which would always put me in a good mood. Level 42 is a British band that came about in mid 1980 and has a great influence on the pop/funk era. Level 42 had many international hits throughout the eighties and nineties. Music is an art form that possibly influences the largest number of people more than any other type of art.

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