The Spine of “The Full Monty – 1997”


The inciting incident: Two unemployed steel workers Gaz and Dave decide to form an all men dance ensemble to try to make some cash after visiting an all woman’s male strip club. Gaz sees this an opportunity to be worthy of his sons admiration.

PLOT POINT 1: After being confronted by Gerald for ruining his seemingly last chance at landing a good job, Gaz and Dave decide to recruit Gerald and other out work men to become a part of their ensemble.  They begin tryouts.

MID POINT: The men come to grips with nudity by striping down to their skivvies and scare away criminals during a home invasion. The group continues to practice and form their routine. The crew begins to advertise by pinning posters all over town and dub their routine “Hot Metal”. The men are shocked to discover that GAZ secretly intended for them to include the Full Monty as part of their act. Gerald is concerned about getting a stiffy during the show.  Dave lands a job as a security guard at the local market that he once robbed and departs from the group. The men are faced with all kinds of obstacles after being arrested for public indecency while testing their routine in front of a select few women.

MSDFUMO FE015PLOT POINT 2: Gaz informs the men that they just sold 200 tickets. Dave comes to terms with his self worth after his wife busts him by finding his dress underwear.

CLIMAX: The men finally perform their show live in front of an all woman crowd and give them the “Full Monty”.

END POINT: Unemployed men can be resourceful when faced with personal tragedy financially and emotionally.

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