Unconventional Waves “The French New Wave”


A major driving component of the French New Wave was the independence from major studios from lacking budgets. This opened the doors to freedom of creativity for the filmmakers. Due to this lack of budget, innovations abound with the materials that were available to these filmmakers. Continue reading

The Bicycle Thief (Symbolism in Film)



What are the thematic and ironic connections between the two actual bicycle thieves in “The Bicycle Thief”? The first bike thief stole the bicycle, because he could not afford to buy it, to sell and earn a living. Antonio, the second bicycle thief, did it because he needed the bike to earn a living, but could not afford to buy another one. How does De Sica’s camera create the impression that the number of bicycle thieves could easily grow? Continue reading

Robert Bresson’s non-Actors in contrast to German Expressionism


I can appreciate the use of non-actors and I would definitely use non-actors in a movie. The critical point being that through proper rehearsals and script readings, a director can find a non actor that can employ a part in any movie. The key is not only to look for that particular person who has the same demeanor as the character but also has the ability to read. Continue reading

Experimental Filmmaking “Un Chien Andalou” & “Baraka”


Un Chien Andalou” I see Un Chien Andalou as being a formalist film. This film is heavily influenced by the director’s vision and intent. What a mess!!! Un Chien Andalou is a little on the disturbing side for me. I felt the movie did not flow very well. Yes, I know that was the intention of the filmmakers, nevertheless, it did not work for me. The editing was all over the place and then you add to the fact that it’s a silent movie, now you have an audience feeling like they are lost. This film requires it’s viewers to have very imaginative minds, because it requires it to be so due to its lack of direction and vision. This movie is definitely Avant Garde in its approach and for it’s time, late 20’s, which I felt was a brave attempt at pushing the envelope back then. Continue reading

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and his Somnambulist Cesare



“The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and his Somnambulist Cesare” Since this movie is a silent film, I found that I had to rely mostly on the facial expressions and the set design to help me through the story. Because of the absence of dialog, the soundtrack also helped deliver the expression that the film was trying convey. Continue reading