“Socio Political Influences on Hollywood”

62966_13201271115PM50474It is certainly true that Hollywood would judge a director’s grandeur based solely on box office receipts but creativity takes a back seat in many of those situations. Steven Spielberg is the most profitable movie director of all time yet, his is very creative. Steven Spielberg’s films have stuffed the pockets of movie executives with approximately 3.5 billion dollars over the years. Steven Spielberg is what is known as a major Hollywood insider. Many great filmmakers of the past did not have huge box office draws as compared to Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, George Lucas, and Robert Zemeckis to name a few.  What makes them different from those directors of yesterday?

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Level 42, “The Jazz/Funk Fusion Era”


Art can be expressed in many different forms. It can be something as dramatic as a seventeenth century painting or something as simple as humming along to a favorite tune. In everyday life people need a way to either express themselves or to unwind and relax at the end of the day. Music provides many people a way to unwind and often place them in a good mood. There are many instances that come to mind when I was feeling sad or bored, and I would throw in a Level42 CD, which would always put me in a good mood. Level 42 is a British band that came about in mid 1980 and has a great influence on the pop/funk era. Level 42 had many international hits throughout the eighties and nineties. Music is an art form that possibly influences the largest number of people more than any other type of art.

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Earth_Eastern_HemisphereThey are very solid and strong elements, for without them we would not be. They are what keep us standing and provide basically for all living things. They have been here since the beginning and they will be after the end. They are the reason why we have things like computers, houses, streets, buildings, bridges, cars, tools and mountains. They can survive the intense heat of volcanoes and the absolute blistering freeze of the arctic. There are many of them, but yet there is only one of it. It is round as a perfect circle, but flat as a driveway or parking lot. It seems that we take advantage of it every day because we don’t do enough to protect it, but there are the few who try.

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Why real estate investing in California is a good idea.

Sold Home For Sale Sign & New HouseExecutive Summary

With the rising costs of real estate, it’s no surprise that our economy still remains strong. For years, we as consumers have experienced the rise and fall of real estate prices. Specifically here in California, real estate has risen astronomically in recent years. We can attribute this to the fact that California is the ninth largest economy in the world. Most would argue that California is the birthplace of modem computing technology and the centralization of that technology in California, which has contributed greatly to the steep incline in rising real estate costs, has a great deal to do with the rising costs of living.  Real estate is true wealth builder.

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