“The Others 2001” Plants & Payoff’s in screenwriting


The first film that comes to mind when thinking about plants and payoff is “The Others (2001)” with Nicole Kidman. Nicole Kidman plays Grace, the mother of two children, Anne & Nicolas, who raises two children alone in a huge mansion in the countryside. This is a suspenseful ghost story about a family who is left at home alone while the father is away at war. Continue reading

Obstacle Brainstorming for Story Elements


Terry Curtis has awakened to discover that he has become Tom Cruise.

Obstacle #1
Tom Cruise is a major player in Hollywood who’s known for his box office draw. Terry Curtis is high school dropout who’s never been able to hold a job. During his second visit to the Oprah show, Tom Cruise is asked what he loves most about Katie. Terry Curtis remembers how the real Tom Cruise acted the last time he was on the show and begins to jump on and off the couch then his pants falls to his ankles on live TV because Terry Curtis does not wear a belt. He later blames the event on a wardrobe malfunction. Continue reading