How to send encrypted emails

AES 256.png

We will be taken through the two equivalent hashing processes that simulate a secured text document transmission, one using the SHA-1 hashing algorithm and another using the MD5 hashing algorithm. Hashes are cryptographic algorithms that manipulate data and produce fixed-length digests regardless of the amount of data used to create them. Despite small minor changes of the input data, hashing algorithm’s outputs changes significantly, which is an indication of the complexity of the algorithms mathematical computational formulas. This paper will study the outputs of encrypted and decrypted text documents against the two various hashing algorithms SHA-1 and MD5. A password will be created during the encryption phase, which essentially functions as a secured key used to unlock the file for the intended recipient. The quality and usefulness of the SHA-1 and MD5 algorithms are widely debated and both arguments will be discussed here.

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