I’ll wait for the next one, Short Film Review

In the short film “I’ll Wait for the Next One” directed by Phillippe Orriendy, we are introduced to a seemingly lonely middle-­‐aged woman who’s walking home alone. As she heads down the escalator her attention is totally focused on the couple riding up on the other side of the escalator. At this point it becomes more obvious that she doesn’t have a male counterpart and perhaps is longing for a relationship.

This story is about a woman who’s desperate to have a relationship. The apparent obstacles that lie in the way of her meeting a man are conceivably age and lack of confidence. To overcome her obstacles, she builds a blind trust in the claims of the young man and becomes blinded to reality. The young computer scientist, who offers himself, makes it easy for the older woman to engage him due his convincingly desperate pleas. The one male passenger who mocks the young man’s case and jokingly offers his wife to him stands in the way of her blind trust.

The audience is emotionally invested in the pleas of the young man. As the young computer scientist builds his case, it becomes clearer to the audience that this may be the chance for the woman to have a relationship. We are rooting for her to step of the platform and go for it! In the end, we all learn the sad and true reality of the man’s intentions unfortunately at the expense ofthe woman’s emotions and potentially tarnished self-­‐confidence.

This story is a fresh departure from being a safe film and takes a chance at the expense of appearing cruel. What is satisfying most about the ending is not that the woman didn’t cry while not getting what she was expecting but the fact that the young man was regrettable and apologetic about the true nature of his actions. It leads one to believe that the young computer scientist didn’t truly believe that anyone would actually fall for his sketched act.The central idea of this piece is that if it’s to good to be true, than it’s most likely not true. Stop and use common sense before making irrational decisions in life!

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