Visual Movie Opening


Its early morning in the countryside on a farm and the sun is arriving as always scheduled, like clockwork. There is a little boy, Johnny, 8 years of age, lying in his bed next to the window. The roosters are calling and the birds are fluttering all about, as if in a hurry, busily tending to their needs. The cool breezy air is kissing Johnny on the cheeks as the wind rushes through his window disturbing the curtains as they blow about with the wind. The smell of grass and livestock is in the air.

As Johnny awakens, he can hear his mother, Sara, preparing breakfast in the kitchen downstairs. From the kitchen you can hear the pots and pans’ clanking together as the water is running. Johnny climbs out of bed wearing his Spiderman pajama’s Sara had bought him at the local merchant store in town. Johnny rubs his eyes, yawns and stretches the night away. He happily jumps out of bed and runs down the stairs in a hurry to see what his mother had prepared for him. Before he reaches the kitchen, Johnny is stopped by his father, Sam, in the hallway. Sam, standing tall, a well built man with his face reflecting the hard lifestyle he has lived for many years as a farmer. His hands are heavily callused and he is wearing muddy water proof boots. Sam tells little Johnny the chores that need to be tended to this morning. Sam reads off a whole list of chores to the young boy, which included, taking out the trash then sweeping off the porch and finally cleaning his room then meeting his father in the farm house. Little Johnny soon greets his mother in the kitchen and begins to eat his breakfast.

While the family is eating breakfast at the table, there is a knock at the door. Sara answers the door, but there is no one there! Sara is confused! Who would do such a thing? Sara returns to the kitchen only to find Sam and little Johnny missing! Sara begins to call out to them. She calls, and calls, but there is no answer! She runs through the house in search of them, but they are not to be found anywhere! Where could they be? She searches the farmhouse only to not find anyone there. She becomes frantic. Where have they all gone?

A short time later while sitting in little Johnny’s room, Sara begins sobbing heavily. As she sits on the bed, Sara notices that the bed is made ever so neatly. All the windows are closed and little Johnny’s Spiderman Pajama’s are neatly folded and tucked away in the drawer next the bed. Under severe stress, Sara calls the police and reports Sam and little Johnny missing. The police arrive at the front door 10 minutes later. Sara is frantic, she tells them what happened and the police ask her to sit down because they know what happened to her son and husband. Shocked, by the policeman’s response, Sara is anxious to hear of their condition, “Are they ok?” she asks! The police officer takes a deep breath and tells the mother that her son and husband have passed away 5 years ago in an auto accident. Sara screams,” NO!”. “How can that be? We were having breakfast together just a short while ago.”

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