The Cyber Classroom


I find it very interesting to read some of the other students’ ideas of online education. Personally, I think online education is terrific and is real world. I work at AT&T a worldwide communications company. I work with people all over the world that I never meet face to face, but I do still have established relationships with them to the point they tell me whenever I’m in town, to look them up. So, this class is very realistic in its approach to worldwide education. Let’s face it, not all of us have the ability to meet everyone we come into contact with in another part of the world face to face so should that mean that we should avoid using technology as an instrument to establish that contact because it dehumanizes us? I say no!!!


FACT: Online education does not dehumanize us.


I believe that online education makes us more human because learning is all about the advancement of knowledge and the sharing of ideas and insights. We speak to each other through words instead of speech. This is a different form of communication, but it is still communication. We all still have social lives and have friends and associates that we know. Whether we learn online or work online, this is what the real world and the future is all about. Online education is a learning instrument that allows people like myself, who work full time and own two companies, to learn on my own schedule and wherever I’m located in the world. When I was shooting video in Vancouver or Las Vegas, I always had the ability to log into class and do the coursework in my hotel room. Whether you’re in an internet cafe, library, or at home, online education makes learning convenient, accessible and just plain possible for most working adults today. I think that is an invaluable asset!!!!

I like what the Academy of Art University has allowed me to do. I feel that online education should only be for those who are responsible enough to engage themselves in the required activities.


!!! DANGER!!!

Online education definitely requires that students have a higher degree of technological expertise, as opposed to traditional students, and requires them to put forth more effort than a traditional education does. Online students have to self motivate themselves to complete all of the coursework on time which is more challenging than in the classroom environment. Online education is more than appropriate for the Master’s student. Master’s students should have the know how to use technology and benefit from it, because that is real world. As far as forming relationships and making friends, that can still be a possibility by using technology such as Skype for online video chats. Although, making friends should not be a priority for attending college, it is still possible to forge relationships with those that we find common ground. Personally, making friends is not a priority for me, but rather, learning the material that will help me in my chosen profession.



Traditional education is good for those individuals who are un-employed! It teaches those particular types of people how to be in class on time. Those particular students have to get up, get dressed, then drive to school and be in class on time, basic responsibility. This prepares those for the work place in that way.


Personally, I found friends to be distracting. I would miss classes to hang out and party. I liked to socialize, but when I was younger and I met people that I had so much in common with, it is easy for me to lose track of why I am in school. Now that I am much older, I simply don’t have time for too much of that, I just don’t have the time. Master’s student are much more mature and most have full time jobs with families and just don’t have time for friends or too much socializing, much less having to sit in a class at an inconvenient time predetermined by the school!!!

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