Quintessential Marlon Brando”


“Stellaaaaaaa!” “Stellaaaaa!” “Stellaaaaaa!” I think Marlon Brando for his time was the epitome of what youthful masculinity represented. He was a figure of strength that portrayed sex appeal over women. He had a dominating presence on screen. He exhibited a sort of rebellious attitude, one that did things his own way. Marlon Brando’s performance is raw and gritty and to the best of my knowledge, he pushed the envelope that future method actors would try to attain to.

His portrayal of a man who is a raw animal on screen is authentic and unique for it’s time, a man who wears a torn t-shirt revealing sweaty skin and muscles. In addition, he smokes and drinks and has bad manners. Marlon Brando’s character is a complex one operating on all cylinders while adding various levels of emotional content.


It’s such a shame that he lost the Oscar that year to Humphrey Bogart for “The African Queen”, although an excellent movie by its own rights. It’s not a surprise that The Production Code censors demanded 68 script changes from the Broadway play. Also, the Catholic Legion of Decency demanded more cuts, many of those dealing with homosexuality, nymphomania and rape, which was the principle downfall of Blanche. Oddly enough, Tennessee Williams professed to like this cut down version of his play. Tennessee Williams refused to write the screenplay but demanded that he could revise it. As The Production Code loomed over the screen adaptation of the Tennessee Williams play, the crimes of Stanley Kowalski could not be exonerated; Therefore, the decision was made that Stella would not return to Stanley, even if many viewers realized that a woman with a baby in the patriarchal South might not have any alternative.

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