Obstacle Brainstorming for Story Elements


Terry Curtis has awakened to discover that he has become Tom Cruise.

Obstacle #1
Tom Cruise is a major player in Hollywood who’s known for his box office draw. Terry Curtis is high school dropout who’s never been able to hold a job. During his second visit to the Oprah show, Tom Cruise is asked what he loves most about Katie. Terry Curtis remembers how the real Tom Cruise acted the last time he was on the show and begins to jump on and off the couch then his pants falls to his ankles on live TV because Terry Curtis does not wear a belt. He later blames the event on a wardrobe malfunction.

Obstacle #2
During a contract negotiation with Tom Cruise’s agent for his next movie, Terry Curtis notices the amount on the contract and his eyes then pop out of his head and Terry Curtis says to the Hollywood execs at Paramount, “DAMN!!! I make that kind of money”?

Obstacle #3
During the shoot of “Mission Impossible 4”, Terry Curtis forgets to show up to the set one day. His agent calls Tom Cruise only to discover that he is still in bed. His agent tells Tom, “You got to get down here; the director is threatening to fire you!” Terry says, “Tell the director that he’s lucky that I don’t fire him!”

Obstacle #4
On one Sunday Afternoon, Tom Cruise is spotted attending mass at a Catholic church by himself. Terry Curtis is Catholic, and soon the crowds start to gather. Very quickly the news trucks start pulling up as Terry Curtis dashes out the back door and runs down the street, he remembers that Tom Cruise’s faith is Scientology!!!

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