BULLITT” (1968), Edited by Frank P. Keller A.C.E.


Awards: Oscar for best Editing, 1968 by Frank P. Keller A.C.E. The Movie: “Bullitt” won an Oscar for it’s editing that year mostly due to the car chase sequences. That sequence took over three weeks to shoot and incorporated some of the most beautiful San Francisco scenery, although the Golden Gate Bridge was slated to be a part of that scene but wasn’t allowed at the time.

167907Steve-McQueen-Bullitt-PostersThat 10 minute chase screamed up and down many hills in San Francisco and is garnered as the best car chase seen in a movie still to this day. It was the precursor to what was to come in later films. Other chase scenes that would be influenced are: “The French Connection”, “The Road Warrior”, “Ronin”, and others. Apart from its momentous charismatic car chase sequence, Bullitt is known for recharging the crime thriller with its gritty urban feel which would become a trademark of subsequent cop movies and TV shows of the 70’s, “Dirty Harry” comes to mind. “


Bullitt” also catapulted Steve McQueen’s national celebrity to that of worldwide stature and is also his highest earning film. On a side note, I highly recommend films such as Steve McQueen’s “Le Mans” (1971) and James Garner’s (1966) epic “Grand Prix” as these also had some very astonishing racing sequences, although not car chases.

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