Earth_Eastern_HemisphereThey are very solid and strong elements, for without them we would not be. They are what keep us standing and provide basically for all living things. They have been here since the beginning and they will be after the end. They are the reason why we have things like computers, houses, streets, buildings, bridges, cars, tools and mountains. They can survive the intense heat of volcanoes and the absolute blistering freeze of the arctic. There are many of them, but yet there is only one of it. It is round as a perfect circle, but flat as a driveway or parking lot. It seems that we take advantage of it every day because we don’t do enough to protect it, but there are the few who try.

Earth is a beautiful bright ball that has its place in space. It is in harmony with the universe and all other elements that surround and accompany it on its journey around the sun. The earth keeps track of time more perfectly than any man could. If earth could only talk, it would fill every library with tales of many unanswered questions that we people don’t have the answer to. For instance, how did we come to be as human? Why are we here and is there a greater meaning to life than living, producing, and dying? We humans can tear down trees gracefully and read history from the inner rings to the outer rings. From what we have derived from our intelligence, we can read history like a book from trees and if we dig deep enough we can find fossils, which can validate history. Rocks are also a good source of information due to the mineral content and where, geographically, these rocks are located here on earth.

There are many different kinds of rocks, some smooth, and some rough and scratchy. I personally like granite. It has a very smooth surface, which is cool to the touch, but yet it is one of the hardest minerals found. Various other kinds of rock like the jade or emerald are very nice to look at and never cease to amaze our visual senses. The diamond is my wife’s favorite rock. My personal favorite is the emerald, partly because it is my birthstone, but also because it is rich with color. Emeralds, to me, encompass the life color, forest green, which symbolizes nature in its purest form. When I look at an emerald, it reminds me of the pleasant times when I went away camping as a child. The forest smells wonderful with the fresh air from the trees and the absence of industrial impurities; it is calming and relaxing to the senses. It’s where people go to get away from it all. If you sit back and think about it, each rock has its own meaning. For instance, when I think about the ruby, I think about fire and unbearable heat. The ruby is an angry rock. Also, when I think about the pearl, I think about extreme cold and blistering weather. Each rock has its own personality.

With modem technology, man can manipulate and mold rock into materials that are useful to the human existence. We can use a combination of heat, cold, oxygen, and nitrogen to manipulate these rocks until they serve the purpose of man. With rocks we can make many things that are essential to our survival, including the consumption of them orally through such things as mineral supplements. From rock, man can create various metals such as stainless steel, gold, silver, copper, aluminum, bronze, nickel and magnesium.

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